As you may already know if you follow us (@PADigitalNews) or the Digital Public Library of America (@dpla) on Twitter, the DPLA collaborated with Europeana, DigitalNZ, and Trove last month to hold their annual GIF IT UP competition. GIF IT UP is an international gif-making contest in which entrants draw public-domain or openly-licensed images, text, or videos from any of those participating digital libraries and remix them as animated GIF’s (which are, in turn, openly-licensed). It combines many interests common to the digital libraries community, including enthusiasm for history, love of gifs as a form of expression, and creative reuse of open digital content. We were warmly excited to see a PA presence among the 2016 entries:

Marisa Gertz entered with source material drawn from the Free Library of Philadelphia and the US Government Printing Office:

Marisa Gertz GIFitUp2016 entry image

Referencing the Halloween time frame of the GIF IT UP contest, Marisa writes: “This fragment from a choir book from 1460 shows a gray-robed friar embracing death. In the background, solar flares burst on the sun against an illustration of the Earth’s magnetosphere, which, for the time being, protects our planet from solar storms. Billions of years from now, the sun will engulf Earth as it dies. Happy Halloween! #PageFrights.” Marisa’s gif is available under a CC-BY-SA license.

Paul Bond of Johnstown, Pennsylvania also entered, using source material drawn from the New York Public Library:

Paul Bond GIFitUp2016 entry image

Paul’s gif is also available under a CC-BY-SA license.

Huge thanks to Marisa and Paul for bringing a Pennsylvania presence to the competition, and warm congratulations to the recently-announced winners of GIF IT UP 2016!

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