The PA Digital Futures Task Force, convened in Fall 2020, recently completed its charge by developing the report below that outlines a proposed vision for the future of PA Digital. The goal of the PA Digital Futures Task Force was to support continuity and sustainability planning, with input from our community. As this initiative’s LSTA-funded phase comes to an end on September 30, 2021, the Futures Task Force sought to understand the current value of PA Digital, identify shared goals, determine community needs, and build greater support for a sustainable approach to cultural heritage access and discovery in our region.

The report highlights key insights from meetings with stakeholders and suggests a multi-phased approach to building an expanded vision for an engaged, cross-organizational community of practice with a focus on increased equity in cultural heritage. In the coming weeks, we’ll host a meeting to discuss the report. We will also gather your feedback and seek your expressions of interest and commitment to co-create a future for PA Digital that is both durable and exciting.

If you are interested in attending our upcoming meeting and/or supporting PA Digital in the future, please respond to the PA Digital Futures Interest Form by August 13th. This includes potential interest in supplying time, expertise, resources, and/or financial contributions in 2021-22.

Download the 2021 PA Digital Futures Report or view it below. Questions? Please contact us at


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