Upcoming Presentations and Events

  • Copyright Open Office Hours: June 18 and August 8
  • August 12, 2019: Metadata Anonymous Workshop in Pittsburgh, PA

    Metadata Anonymous will give current and future contributors to PA Digital a chance to see an actual metadata review live in-person through our aggregator tool and the free metadata cleanup software OpenRefine. We will review metadata from a real institutional collection and assess metadata quality. We will also highlight some of the typical metadata issues we encounter in our reviews.

    We’ll then take participants on a guided tour of OpenRefine’s basic and intermediate operations. Free exploration time will then be provided, during which participants can practice their skills through a set of guided OpenRefine challenges, or work in consultation with the moderators on a problem dataset of their choice. After that, we’ll host an interactive workshop on copyright and digital collections. The group will review the reasons that institutions can post material in digital collections and practice assessing copyright and assigning rights statements to sample items.

    Note: No OpenRefine experience is necessary, only an interest and willingness to learn. Please bring your own laptop for this component. OpenRefine installation instructions will be sent prior to the event.


    When: August 12, 2019, 9:30am-4:00pm

    Where: Heinz History Center, Reading Room, 1212 Smallman St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

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Past Presentations and Events:

  • 2/12/2019 & 3/26/2019: PA Digital Copyright Open Office Hours
    • 1/31/2019: Public Domain Party: GIF Making 101 [slides + handout]
    • 12/18/2018: “Frost, Cather, and Lovecraft: Coming to a Public Domain Near You!” [recording slides]
    • 7/31/2018: Metadata Anonymous In-Person at Penn State University. [pdf]
    • 4/12-4/14/2018 Hershey, PA; MARAC Spring 2018 Conference
      • You Have the Right to Remain Silent: True Rights Statement Confessions [pdf]
    • 3/1/2018 Welcome & Orientation Webinar [webinar video][pdf]
    • 12/7/2017 Philadelphia, PA: Metadata Anonymous In-Person at the Free Library of Philadelphia [pdf]
    • 10/18/2017 Pittsburgh, PA; PaLA 2017
      • 9:00-10:15AM; If You Liked it Then You Should Have Put Metadata On It: Descriptive Cataloging and Selecting Rights Statements for Digital Collections
    • 8/23/2017; Metadata Anonymous [ppt] [pdf]
    • 7/20/2017; Knight Grant Orientation Webinar [ppt] [pdf]
    • 5/17/2017; PaLA Connect and Communicate: PA Digital Overview and Update – 2017 [webinar video] [ppt] [pdf]
    • 4/20-4/21/2017 Chicago, IL; DPLAfest2017
      • Reaching Out to Potential DPLA Hub Contributors:
        PA Digital’s Communication Strategy and Plan, or “The Accidental Public Relations Manager” [pdf] [ppt]
      • “Implementing Rights Statements @ PSU and PA Digital” (part of Turn the Rights On: a RightsStatements.org Update and Comparison of Regional Rights Standardization Projects) [pdf] [ppt]
    • 4/20-4/22/2017 Newark, NJ; MARAC Spring 2017 Conference
      • Adaptable DPLA: Repurposing Data with PA Digital and the Digital Public Library of America
    • 1/26/2017; 3:00-4:00PM; PA Digital Virtual Office Hour
    • 1/12/2016, 1:30-2:30PM; Highlights of DPLA Whitepapers Webinar [webinar video][pdf] [ppt
    • 10/17-19/2016 Pocono Manor, PA; PaLA 2016
      • PALCI Update
      • IDS Update
      • PA Digital: One Place for Pennylvania Collections [pdf] [ppt]
    • 9/21/2016, 10-11AM; DPLA – Introduction to the Digital Public Library of America [ppt] [webinar video]
    • 6/22-24/2016 Pittsburgh, PA.; Keystone Digital Humanities
      • Collaborating on Collections as a Community: A Project Showcase [pdf] [ppt]
    • 6/15/2016 PA Digital Orientation Webinar [pdf] [webinar video]
    • 5/12/2016 Williamsport, PA.; PaLA West Branch Chapter Spring Workshop
      • Plays Well with Others: Getting Your Digital Collections Metadata Ready for PA Digital… and the World [pdf]
      • Pennsylvania DPLA Hub Update [pdf]
      • Yes We Scan(ned): The Scranton Family Papers Scanathon [ppt]
    • 5/4/2016 Philadelphia, PA.; PACSCL General Meeting
    • 4/14-16/2016 Pittsburgh, PA.; MARAC
    • 4/14-15/2016 Washington D.C.; DPLAFest
      • Go Far, Go Together: A Hydra-Based Aggregator For the Pennsylvania Service Hub [pdf]
    • 2/29/2016; Webinar
      • Leap into PDCP: a a virtual welcome and orientation session to the Pennsylvania Digital Collections Project [pdf]
    • 1/22/2916 Philadelphia, PA; PACSCL Digital Collections Day
      • Plays Well with Others: Helping PACSCL Digital Collections Get Ready for the World & The Example of the PDCP/DPLA [pdf]
    • 10/26-28/2015 Vancouver, BC; DLF Forum
      • “Think Globally, Act Locally: How Working with DPLA has Improved Our Collections”
      • Getting a Service Hub off the Ground: Shared Experiences, Challenges, Best Practices and Replicable Hub Models [pdf]
    • 10/23/2015 Philadelphia, PA; THATCamp Philly 2015
      • Unconference & Workshops
    • 10/4-7/2015 State College, PA; PaLA 2015
      • IDS update to include DPLA work. (10/6/15 3:45 PM)
      • AccessPA and POWER Library update
      • PA Backward (One Year Later): An Update on Historic Digital Collections and Statewide Collaboration
      • Plays Well with Others: Getting Your Digital Collection Metadata Ready for the World
    • 9/21-24/2015 Minneapolis, MN; HydraConnect 2015
      • DPLAH: A Hydra-Based DPLA Service Hub Model (poster) [pdf]
    • 8/19/2015 Cleveland, OH; SAA 2015
    • 7/22-24/2015 Philadelphia, PA; Keystone Digital Humanities
      • What DPLA can do for PA Digital Humanities: The Digital Public Library of America as a Portal and Platform for Teaching, Learning, and Research [pdf]
    • 6/9-6/10/2015 State College, PA; PALCI 2015
      • Member Meeting PA DPLA Overview
    • 6/5/2015 Clarion, PA; WPWVC-ACRL (Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia Chapter) Spring Conference
    • 5/27-28/2015 Townson, MD; ContentDM User Group
    • 4/17-18/2015 Indianapolis, IN; DPLAFest 2015
    • 3/19-3/21/2015 Boston, MA; MARAC/NEA 2015
      • DPLA in PA Update [pdf]
    • 3/26/2015 Portland, OR; ACRL 2015
      • The Digital Public Library of America and Academic Libraries: How the DPLA Advances Teaching, Learning, and Research
    • 2/9-12/2015 Portland, OR; Code4Lib 2015
    • 9/1/2014 Lancaster, PA; PaLA 2014
      • PA Backward: Statewide Collaboration on Historic Digital Collections [pdf]
    • 6/11/2014 Scranton, PA; PaLA Northeast Chapter workshop
      • DPLA and What it Means for PA [pdf]

    Check back here for regular updates.