PA Digital is made up of staff members from institutions across the state who serve on various teams within the project. The PA Digital Organizational Diagram outlines how the group is structured.

These are the various teams that comprise PA Digital:

  • The Founder’s Group is the group of people who attended the initial meeting to discuss possible ways bring Pennsylvania’s digital collections to the DPLA.
  • The Management Group is a smaller group of individuals who plan and guide the development of PA Digital.
  • The Metadata Team and Rights Subgroup provides leadership and guidance regarding metadata best practices in the PA Digital Community. They focus on assessing and helping enhance metadata for both current and prospective contributing institutions in order to improve discoverability for Pennsylvania institutions’ digital collections.
  • The Aggregator Developers Group works on developing and maintaining the aggregator software that allows us to aggregate PA digital collections to then deliver then to the DPLA. To view our aggregator, click here.

These are the PA Digital Team members that make this work happen:

  • Linda Ballinger, Pennsylvania State University
  • Michael Carroll, Temple University
  • Pam Dinan, IDS-PA
  • Ana Enriquez, Pennsylvania State University
  • Bill Fee, State Library of Pennsylvania
  • Leanne Finnigan, Temple University
  • Gabe Galson, Temple University
  • Kayla Heslin, University of Pittsburgh
  • Brandy Karl, Pennsylvania State University
  • Eileen Kocher, State Library of Pennsylvania
  • Joe Lucia, Temple University
  • David McKnight, University of Pennsylvania
  • Glenn Miller, State Library of Pennsylvania
  • Jill Morris, PALCI
  • Steven Ng, Temple University
  • Alison Oskam, State Library of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Tim Patterson, Temple University College of Education
  • Janine Pollock, Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Maryam Phillips, HSLC
  • Katy Rawdon, Temple University
  • Andrea Reidell, National Archives of Philadelphia
  • Lisa Sisco, Archivy
  • Martina Soden, Scranton Public Library
  • Matthew Strauss, Senator John Heinz History Center
  • Holly Tomren, Temple University
  • Nancy Turner, Temple University
  • Jennifer Wright, Free Library of Philadelphia
Watercolor illustration of bird and flowers
Reward of Merit (Belohnung). Courtesy of the Free Library of Philadelphia.