Libraries, historical societies, museums, and related cultural heritage institutions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania contain cultural heritage historical collections of great depth and richness. The mission of PA Digital is to make the digital collections of the Commonwealth’s cultural heritage institutions widely discoverable.

PA Digital was announced as a Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Service Hub in August 2015 and our collections went live in the DPLA in April 2016. Participating in the DPLA enhances discovery of and access to Pennsylvania cultural heritage content, thus broadening its use and impact worldwide.  As technologies and partnerships develop, the PA Digital Partnership will continue to expand ways in which the unique cultural heritage collections of Pennsylvania are made available to the widest audience. The PA Digital Partnership exists under the auspices of the State Library of Pennsylvania, Temple University, The Pennsylvania State University, the University of Pennsylvania and the Free Library of Philadelphia. Other partners include the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium (PALCI), the Health Sciences Library Consortium (HSLC), and the Philadelphia Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL), as well as a variety of institutions from across the state.

  • PA Digital Organizational Diagram outlines how PA Digital is structured.
  • People
    • The Founder’s Group is the group of people who attended the initial meeting to discuss possible ways bring Pennsylvania’s digital collections to the DPLA.
    • The Management Group is a smaller group of individuals who plan and guide the development of PA Digital.
    • The Metadata Team and Rights Subgroup provides leadership and guidance regarding metadata best practices in the PA Digital Community. They focus on assessing and helping enhance metadata for both current and prospective contributing institutions in order to improve discoverability for Pennsylvania institutions’ digital collections.
    • The Aggregator Developers Group works on developing and maintaining the aggregator software that allows us to aggregate PA digital collections to then deliver then to the DPLA.
  • PA Digital is fortunate to have such amazing content from our Contributors. If you are interested in contributing content to PA Digital and DPLA, please email or learn more on our  Get involved page.
  • The PA Digital timeline shows the development of this statewide collaboration.
  • Early on in the development of PA Digital, a statewide survey was done to assess the digital readiness of PA for a DPLA hub.  Here are the Results of the Statewide Survey.